Superintendent’s Message


Dear WCCS Staff, families and community members, 

I am especially glad to start the 2019-2020 with a positive perspective. Last year was challenging for all of us facing budgetary pressures, while our Board and Administrative team handled the situation with high responsibility, it is good to continue on the right track.  Monitoring will be key to end a year successfully settled and steady. 

This year, we will create and administer a plan to ensure our district culture reflects who we are; a caring, compassionate and welcoming school community that supports the success of ALL students.  We will work hard to look at our resources and efforts through the lens of equity, making sure that every student at every school has equal access to a high quality education. While our facilities are different, our instructional strategies are uniform to teaching and learning.

I am particularly excited with the opportunity to work collaboratively through PLC’s, roll out and implement resources like Schoology, as well as providing all certified staff with chrome books to enhance your teaching tools,  WCCS is committed to continue to offer PD to ensure you are successful in the classroom. 

As always thank you for your support in providing our students, a great place to learn and grow.

–  Clemen Perez-Lloyd

Clemen Perez-Lloyd
Clemen Perez-Lloyd

Superintendent & Title I Director
Email: cperez-lloyd@westclarkschools.com

Thomas Brillhart
Dr. Thomas Brillhart

Chief Financial Officer
Email: tbrillhart@westclarkschools.com

Lisa Hawkins

Director of Curriculum/Instruction
& Student Services
Email: lhawkins@westclarkschools.com

Todd Voigt
Todd Voigt

Director of Human Resources
& Maintenance
Email: tvoigt@westclarkschools.com

Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith

Director of Technology
& Corporate Test Coordinator
Email: jwsmith@westclarkschools.com

Joshua Sinclair
Josh Sinclair

Director of Food Services
Email: jsinclair@westclarkschools.com

Kelly Grangier

Director of Special Education Services
Email: kgrangier@westclarkschools.com

Karie Kahafer
Karie Kahafer

Director of Transportation
Email: kkahafer@westclarkschools.com

Pam Horton
Pam Horton

Executive Administrative Assistant
Email: phorton@westclarkschools.com


West Clark School District is just around 10 miles from Louisville and is close to Clarksville, which has a large variety of stores and restaurants, not to mention numerous job opportunities!

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