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Welcome to the West Clark Community School’s Information Technology Department webpage.
Who are the members of IT? We are comprised of five members. Jerry Smith is the Director of Technology. Mike Sparkman is the Senior Network Engineer and resident Infinite Campus expert. Josh Barrett is our youngest Network Engineer and Cisco guru. Devan Swope is a Jr. Network Administrator and the District Website Developer and Ethan Ruckel is a Junior Network Administrator. You may know us by our work installing and supporting interactive whiteboards, projectors, laptops, PC’s, email, document cameras, eLearning, Infinite Campus, and so much more. We strive to provide the best support we can.  Behind the scenes, we work hard to keep the financial, human resources, library, food service, student information, and countless other systems up and running. We are here to help. For questions or support, please call 812-246-7437 or internally at extension 7437.
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith

Director of Technology
& Corporate Test Coordinator
Email: jwsmith@westclarkschools.com

Mike Sparkman
Mike Sparkman

Senior Network Engineer
Email: msparkman@westclarkschools.com

Joshua Barrett
Josh Barrett

Network Engineer
Email: jbarrett@westclarkschools.com

Devan Swope
Devan Swope

District Website Developer &
Network Administrator
Email: dswope@westclarkschools.com


West Clark School District is just around 10 miles from Louisville and is close to Clarksville, which has a large variety of stores and restaurants, not to mention numerous job opportunities!

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