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Cafeteria Subs ($9.87 per hour)

Breakfast Served Daily

 Food Services Manager:            Joshua Sinclair

Cafeteria Managers:                    Lisa Burgess – Silver Creek Primary

                                                        Sandy Stricker – Silver Creek Elementary

                                                        Carol McFarland – Silver Creek Middle

                                                        Valrie Brock – Silver Creek High

                                                        Janet Willis – Henryville

                                                        Barbara Johnson – Borden

Meal Prices

Elementary Breakfast $1.95
Secondary Breakfast $1.95
K-5 Lunch $2.95
6-12 Lunch $3.15

Adult/Staff:   Breakfast $2.25 / Lunch $3.75

Reduced Prices

Breakfast $0.30
Lunch $0.40

Charge Policy

Don’t tell the kids…..

The majority of buns, rolls, and biscuits are made from whole grains rather than enriched flour. Spinach is added to various salads to enhance the color and increase nutrient content. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are served daily, as well as canned fruit and hot vegetable choices. Whole Grain tortillas are used for all wraps and Quesadillas. Our Peanut Butter and Jelly  Uncrustables are made with 100% whole grain/wheat bread. Grilled Cheese is made with reduced fat and reduced sodium cheese on whole grain/wheat bread.


West Clark School District is just around 10 miles from Louisville and is close to Clarksville, which has a large variety of stores and restaurants, not to mention numerous job opportunities!

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