Superintendent’s Message

Hello everyone,

I believe that our schools need to serve all kids well, regardless of their background, experiences or circumstances.   As we enter the new school year and when you get to your classroom my challenge to you is simple “be great for students” our kids deserve greatness.  I hope you will take to heart my challenge and remember we are in this together.

It is my belief that public education is the path to developing productive citizens and I know teachers can make a difference in a child’s life, so let’s all reconnect with our “WHY” to remain focused in creating opportunities in the lives of “Every Child, Every Day”.

Student achievement will remain our highest priority. When our children succeed, we all succeed.  District initiatives will continue, the administration and staff will utilize data analysis in prioritizing the instructional goals and objectives for each school year.  

I am looking forward to seeing you in your schools, and wishing you a year filled with learning and fulfillment.



Clemen Perez-Lloyd


West Clark School District is just around 10 miles from Louisville and is close to Clarksville, which has a large variety of stores and restaurants, not to mention numerous job opportunities!

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