Superintendents & Directors

Clemen Perez-Lloyd
Mrs. Clemen Perez-Lloyd

Interim Superintendent & Title I Director

Thomas Brillhart
Dr. Thomas Brillhart

Assistant Superintendent

Jerry Smith
Mr. Jerry Smith

Director of Technology

Karie Kahafer
Mrs. Karie Kahafer

Director of Transportation

Mrs. Lisa Hawkins

Director of Curriculum/Instruction & Student Services

Ms. Kelly Grainger

Director of Special Education Services

Todd Voigt
Mr. Todd Voigt

Director of Human Resources

Human Resources/Payroll

Mindi Holmes
Mrs. Mindi Holmes

Senior Benefits & Payroll Specialist

Melisa Wyatt
Mrs. Melisa Wyatt

Senior Benefits & Payroll Specialist

Beth Robbeloth
Mr. Beth Robbeloth

Benefits & Payroll Specialist

Office Staff

Pam Horton
Mrs. Pam Horton

Administrative Assistant


Patty Kelly
Mrs. Patty Kelley

Assistant Business Manager

Jill Lucas
Mrs. Jill Lucas

Accounts Specialist

Becky Arnold
Mrs. Becky Arnold

Accounts Specialist

Jennifer Voignier
Ms. Jennifer Voignier

Accounts Specialist

Information Technology

Mike Sparkman
Mr. Mike Sparkman

Senior Network Engineer

Joshua Barrett
Mr. Joshua Barrett

Network Engineer

Devan Swope
Mr. Devan Swope

Jr. Network Administrator & District Website Developer/Administrator


Becky Amos
Ms. Becky Amos

Health Assistant

Food Service

Joshua Sinclair
Mr. Joshua Sinclair

Food Services Manager

Special Education Services

Theresa Poe
Mrs. Theresa Poe

Executive Administrative Assistant (SESS)


Case Colley
Mr. Case Colley


Facilities & Operations

Ed Spencer
Mr. Ed Spencer

Plant Manager (SCE, SCM, & WCEC)

Jerry Doyle
Mr. Jerry Doyle

Operations Manager (SCHS & SCPS)

Steve Doyle
Mr. Steve Doyle

Plant Manager (SCHS, SCPS, Admin)

Homeless Information & High Ability

Jill Gerlach
Mrs. Jill Gerlach

Counselor & WCCS McKinney-Vento Liaison

Christina Pearson
Mrs. Christina Pearson

High Ability Coordinator


West Clark School District is just around 10 miles from Louisville and is close to Clarksville, which has a large variety of stores and restaurants, not to mention numerous job opportunities!

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