POSITION: Boys’ & Girls’ Head Varsity Cross Country Coach

LOCATION: Silver Creek High School

BEGINNING DATE: 2019-2020 school year

TYPE OF POSITION: Classified #1294

REGULAR POSTING: April 5, 2019 thru April 19, 2019 or until filled

RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES: This positon requires an individual to perform duties and responsibilities with minimal to no supervision. Must have the ability to communicate and articulate responsibilities and requirements to youth. This position requires a carefully selected individual with strong communication, technical and organizational skills. Must be able to instruct students in all aspects of the game. Motivate and instruct members during athletic contests. Practice on a regular basis. Follow all IHSAA rules and procedures.


• To comply with school and school board policies and regulations.

• To work cooperatively with the total staff.

• To relate positively to parents and other community representatives.

• To demonstrate professional growth, etc.


Jeff Harrell, Athletic Director

Clemen Perez-Lloyd
Interim Superintendent

Todd Voigt
HR Director