During 4th block on December 20th, the last school day of the semester, students will attend the annual Holiday program, which showcases students’ talents through performance.  If you wish to perform during the show, complete and submit an application before the end of the day on Monday, December 10th.  The link to the application is included below.



Semester finals are rapidly approaching.  To help a student through that stressful time, consider sending them a Final Survival Kit!  It’s a way to make the student feel special and supported.  It’s also fun!

We’ll prepare a package loaded with popular student snacks and utensils. We guarantee it will be delivered to the student at just the right time for finals. 

This year 20% of all sales will be donated SCHS Riley Dance Marathon 

See attachment for order form and directions.  

Orders and money must be submitted by Dec 11, 2018


We believe in our students. We believe in their ability. We believe in their creativity. We believe in their intelligence. We believe in their enthusiasm to all the things they believe in. We believe in their liveliness. We believe in their innocence. We believe in their talent to overcome obstacles in their lives that would make many of us want to give up. We believe in our students.

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