SCHS Student Driver Vehicle Registration & Info

High school students (9-12) will have driving privileges.  The West Clark Community School board requires students to obtain a driving permit.  The permits cost $10 and must be clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.

The operation of motor vehicles on school property shall be restricted to licensed vehicles and drivers on designated streets and parking areas and subject to established regulation.  The areas shall fall under this scrutiny and discretionary supervision given by public property by the local and state police.

Note:  In order to have full knowledge of student drivers, all students who plan to drive at any time during the school year must complete this student driver vehicle registration form.  The student must have a valid driver’s license prior to completing this registration form.  These forms are available in the office.  When submitting the Student Driver Vehicle Registration Form, the students and parents are in effect, confirming that they have the legal minimum of liability insurance to drive in Indiana for each vehicle listed.  This permit of consent will be filed and may be valid for the entire 2018-19 school year. The principal or designee may refuse, at any timer, the use of a vehicle during the school day.

Revocation of Driving Privileges– This Act amends the driver’s license law to 1. Prohibit the issuance of an operator’s license, learner’s permit, temporary motorcycle learner’s permit, and if the person is less than 18 years of age is under (1) at least a second suspension of school for the school year under IC 20-8.1-5-4; (2) an expulsion from school under IC 28-8.1-5-4; or (3) an exclusion from school due to misconduct under IC 20-8.1-5-5(1).

Complete this form and return to the front or counseling office.  For multiple vehicles use vehicle most often used, and change tag in vehicle.  If a permanent change then complete a new form at no additional cost. Payment can be made by check ($10) to Silver Creek High School.Deadline for current drivers is Friday, August 30, 2019 

Complete the form below, print out and return to the front school office.  Be sure you and your parents (guardian) have signed the form.


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