Mission Statement

Belief and/or Value Statements

West Clark Community Schools Believes:

  • all students can learn and continuous student growth is expected.
  • identifying clear grade-level expectations helps students meet expectations.
  • rigorous instruction and curriculum, along with activities that are developmentally appropriate, create opportunities for high levels of student success.
  • knowledge without values is not representative of an adequate education; rather, curriculum encourages confidence, honesty, ambition, integrity, service, innovation, patriotism, vision, and a desire to prosper, so that the knowledge imparted can be properly utilized.
  • employee effectiveness is linked to ongoing professional/staff development.
  • transparency in governance and regular community communications are vital to the future of the school corporation.
  • in providing continuity and sustainability of public education funding while exercising fiscal responsibility to meet short and long term educational goals.
  • an understanding of and respect for human diversity is essential for a well-rounded education.
  • extracurricular activities that enhance the development of the individual socially and academically increase connectedness to the school and decrease absenteeism.


West Clark Community Schools Values:

  • accessibility of data for student evaluation, communication, quality instructional decisions, and goal attainment.
  • a holistic, positive, safe, caring, learning environment.
  • hiring and retaining highly qualified personnel and, where applicable, are properly certified and are effective in their subject matter and academic discipline.
  • on-going curriculum development that is vertically aligned.
  • political and business relationships that cultivate support for educational programs.
  • facilities that are well maintained, safe, secure, and that meet the needs of the student population.
  • the use of technology as a tool for enhancing learning, career readiness, communication, and organizational administration.

Mission Statement

West Clark Community Schools’ mission is to provide engaging opportunities that prepare students to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Vision Statement

  • The vision of West Clark Community Schools is to be a premier school corporation in the state of Indiana where parents want to send their children. 
  • WCCS is committed to providing highly effective instruction and developing responsible citizenship within a safe, nurturing environment that emphasizes student growth academically, socially, physically, and mentally.
  • WCCS encourages ongoing community participation involving all stakeholders in these shared responsibilities for developing students’ Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, and Habits (KASH) for their college and/or career readiness…
  1. Premier school corporation in Indiana
  2. Parents choose to send their children to WCCS
  3. Provide highly effective instruction
  4. Develop responsible citizenship
  5. Safe environment
  6. Nurturing environment
  7. Emphasis on student growth Academically, Socially, Physically and Mentally
  8. Ongoing community participation involving all stakeholders
  9. Stakeholders sharing responsibility in student development in Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits



  • Improved instruction at each grade level
      • Emphasis on hiring and retaining highly qualified personnel
      • Implementation of a district-wide school improvement process
      • 1:1 Planning Grant:  Technology for enhancing learning
      • Rigor, relevance, and relationships that develop habits of citizenship and service
  • Determine immediate and long-range facility needs to meet the ongoing needs of students.
      • Develop on-going initiatives with a focus on school safety
      • Implement data-driven decision making corporation wide 
  • Identify and implement a common K-12 curriculum throughout the corporation.
  • Develop and implement a program to increase community involvement in student and district development and to increase governance transparency.
      • Conduct Regular community communication through development of PR plan
  • Develop a financial plan that maintains fiscal responsibility, ensures financial stability, while focusing on both short term and long term objectives.
      • shift expenditures from building operational costs to instructional costs
      • Continued fiscal responsibility


We believe in our students. We believe in their ability. We believe in their creativity. We believe in their intelligence. We believe in their enthusiasm to all the things they believe in. We believe in their liveliness. We believe in their innocence. We believe in their talent to overcome obstacles in their lives that would make many of us want to give up. We believe in our students.


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