School Administrators

Christy Nunn


Crista Owens

Treasurer / Website Administrator

Karen Epley

School Counselor


Teresa Baird

Amanda Barnett

Alyson Boger

Ashley Compton

Susie Cooke

Vickie Davis

Jana Eagle

Heather Edrington

Courtney Ehringer

Carrie Elliott

Vanessa Goodknight

Jacob Guernsey

Marcy Hamilton

Tracy Hodson

Kristi Hunter

Samantha Kelien

Whitney Leezer

Kimberly Lewis

Brittney McDowell

Angela Medlock

Connie Mull

Gary Norrington

Susan Orberson

Patty Renn

Amanda Riggins

Sally Riggs

Jennifer Stettenbenz

Kayla Stewart

Maggie Summers

Christa Tolliver

Melissa Ulrich

Krystle Wagoner

Renee Wimsatt

Melinda Wright

  Office Staff:

Carla Adams

Maranda Boggess

Instructional Assistants:

Patricia Spencer


We believe in our students. We believe in their ability. We believe in their creativity. We believe in their intelligence. We believe in their enthusiasm to all the things they believe in. We believe in their liveliness. We believe in their innocence. We believe in their talent to overcome obstacles in their lives that would make many of us want to give up. We believe in our students.

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