Henryville Elementary School PTO Mission Statement


The Henryville Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (HES PTO) serves as a liaison  between the parents and teachers of Henryville Elementary with one common goal in mind:  to provide our children with the best educational experience possible.


The HES PTO is an organization whose purpose is to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and social environment of Henryville Elementary students.  Its goals are to complement the school with additional opportunities for parents, teachers and students to learn, socialize, communicate, and grow.


The achievements of the HES PTO can be measured in the cooperative spirit with which parents and teachers work together to share their care and concern for HES’ students.  The PTO’s success can be seen in the student’s appreciation for their school, their teachers and the opportunities these give to them.


The key to keeping the HES PTO a successful organization is the involvement of the entire school community.  Your time and energy are the only limitations to the extent that you would like to be involved.


E-mail us at  if you have any questions, information, or are interested in joining your PTO. Go to Facebook for HES PTO for more current and detailed info!


PTO Meetings:

The PTO meetings are held the 1st Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the parent-teacher resource room (E508).  This is also our school spirit day each month.  We encourage our students and staff to wear black and gold, Henryville or Hornet apparel.


Click Here for PTO Information: HES PTO LINK BUTTON


We believe in our students. We believe in their ability. We believe in their creativity. We believe in their intelligence. We believe in their enthusiasm to all the things they believe in. We believe in their liveliness. We believe in their innocence. We believe in their talent to overcome obstacles in their lives that would make many of us want to give up. We believe in our students.

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