School Administrators

Charles Gardner


Toby Cheatham

Assistant Principal
Athletic Director

Amanda Cavins



John Casey

Tracy Collins

Morgan Cope

Sarah Craft

Christene Evans

Mary Fanning

Liz Geltmaker

Jodi Gleason

Deborah Hardin

Anthony Harper

Don Holder

Bob Kelley

Aaron Lambert

Dennis Little

Cara Martin

Rachael McClellan

Josh Nale

Doc Nash

McKenzie Nowak

Joe Oakes

Dennis Price

Nina Price

James Roberts

Eric Stotts

Matt Vick

Mary Walden

Other Employees

Michelle Agnew

School Secretary
Website Administrator

Peggy Rice


David Carter

Home School Liaison

Allison Popp

School Nurse


We believe in our students. We believe in their ability. We believe in their creativity. We believe in their intelligence. We believe in their enthusiasm to all the things they believe in. We believe in their liveliness. We believe in their innocence. We believe in their talent to overcome obstacles in their lives that would make many of us want to give up. We believe in our students.

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